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The mission of the Florida Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) at the University of Florida is to facilitate communication and collaboration between Florida's Universities and the state agencies that are responsible for managing Florida's water resources. The primary focus of this collaborative effort is the development of graduate research and training opportunities in critical areas of water resources that are targeted to meet Florida's short- and long-term needs. The student-lead projects are selected by WRRC partners within Florida’s five Water Management Districts and Department of Environmental Protection in order to produce results that will have immediate impact on water resources management and practice within the state of Florida.

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Florida Water Resources Digital Library

The Center maintains a library of technical reports that have been published as a result of past research efforts (Dating back to 1966). Several of these publications are widely used resources for water policy and applied water resources research in the state of Florida and are also frequently requested by interested parties both nationally and internationally. As part of the WRRC information and technology transfer mission, the library was converted to digital form in 2010 and is provided free to the public through the WRRC Digital Library.



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